Number 158 of 'La Veu'
31/03/2000 (Edition: Montcada)

Already the number has gone out to the street 158 of 'La Veu de Montcada i Reixac', correspondent to the first fortnight of April....
In the section of cultural news, the winners of l'Abi's literary award, the corto " the sunflowers " and the exhibition of Albert Vidal's paintings are some of the most out-standing news...

The Center of Tourist Promotion of Catalunya to Paris exposes works of 12 young Catalan artists
BARCELONA, 23 (EUROPA PRESS) The Center of Tourist Promotion of Catalunya's autonomous government of Catalonia in Paris, known as Maison de la Catalogne, exponerá from tomorrow the works of 12 young Catalan artists, as has reported the Conselleria d'Indústria, Comerç i Turisme of Catalunya's autonomous government of Catalonia.

The sample, which will remain opened the public until April 12, is titled "Joves Talents Catalans " and exposes works chosen by experts' committee between more than 140 artists who have showed his works in the Room d'Art Jove of the Autonomous government of Catalonia between 1995 and 1998.

According to Turisme de Catalunya, the sample confirms the aim to turn the Maison de la Catalogne in " point of reference " into France of Catalunya's projection. The Center of Catalunya's tourist Promotion in Paris has be in the urban center of the French capital and it was inaugurated by the president of the Autonomous government of Catalonia, Jordi Pujol, on April 22, 1998.

It is a question of the first center of tourist " stable and integral " promotion of an autonomous Spanish community in France, as the Autonomous government of Catalonia has remembered. The Maison de la Catalogne has received from his inauguration 230.000 visitors, fact that supposes an average of 350 persons a day.

This it is the second edition of the exhibition " Joves Talents Catalans ", which last year gathered a great success between the French public, according to the same sources. The chosen artists this year are Lluís Díaz, Dols, Anna Marco, Alberto martínez, Maria Jesus Oliva, Miquel Olivares, Bea Ortiz, xevi Roura, Aida Sanchez, Montserrat Sardà, Nacho simal and Albert Vidal. Of all 12 artists, eight are painters and three are sculptors, whereas Alberto Martínez presents an installation.

Delivery of all XLI Prizes to the Young Painting
BARCELONA (BancSabadell Informatiu) More than 200 artists have taken part in the XLI edition of the Prizes to the Young Painting, which supports the Fundació Banc Sabadell and one organizes the 'Sala Parés' of Barcelona, the art's more ancient gallery of the Spanish State. The winner of the first prize (endowed with a million pesetas) was for the painter barceloníno Albert Vidal, whereas the second one and the tercer I reward they went for, respectively, to Miquel Macaia and to Darío Aguilar.

The act of delivery of the guardones took place in the 'Sala Parés' and began with a speech of the director of the gallery, Joan Anton Maragall, who was grateful for his assistance to the numerous public, noticing that " lucky it is confirmed, once more, that the art continues waking up interest ".


Great-grandsons of Velázquez
BARCELONA (La Vanguardia) An old factory of bleaches reflected in a puddle. Desert, diffuse streets, in the distance. A landscape of desolate colors. Any left, convalescent different houses, without crystals. A solitary plate with four yellowish grenades. Faces, windows, advertising cartels. The merit of all five artists who exhibit in the room Fortuny under the name of " Joves realismes " is double, or even triple: they have talent, have the clear ideas, and besides they are realistic painters, that is to say, exemplary of a species on the verge of extinction. Pepe Castellanos, Javier Garrido, Felip Solé, Mar Saiz and Albert Vidal has between 24 and 25 years, and far from claiming the abstract trends that, they say, they had to suffer and study in the faculty of fine arts, to them they are filled by the mouth of baroque and of Velázquez, of the light of Rembrant, of Vermeer, of the mestría of Antonio Lopez and of the magic that the reality hides. Paradòjico or not, the sadness of the colors of the palette is converted in effect when they go on to the linen. The same vigor that reflects the simplicity of the things that they make a detour: replete racks of books, the intimate moment of the reading, pieces of open land, a station of underground.


Acrylic Barcelona
BARCELONA (El Periódico) Albert Vidal is a young Catalan painter who softens five-peseta coin and gray urban landscape barcelonino across the acrylic painting. His works, figurative and realistic, turn the grey of the cement of the rounds of Barcelona, the towers Mapfre of the Olympian Villa or of them you marry ancient of Sarrià in luminous and agreeable landscapes. A selection of 49 of these paintings they can be seen in the exhibition " Albert Vidal, Painting ", that is inaugurated today in the gallery Tuset (Tuset, 3) of Barcelona.  

ARTISTS LX. XL Prize to the Young Painting.
BARCELONA (ABC Cataluña) Sala Parés. The most ancien room integrated in this street of serpents and smoking farms, presents his sample of young art. Forty editions already. The whole crack, Joan Anton Maragall, for protecting the painters that you upset if they find commercial exit in one Christmas supermarket quite to 15.000. The certain thing is that big some of them of our plastic arts have gone out of this vernissages, appetizers of opportune individual exhibitions in galleries that still dare with the figurative painting (of always).

21 painters who contribute five pieces, each one is the prize of the Parés for the curious public. Oriole Clapés, Darío Aguilar, Rafael Bestard, Fernando Jiménez, Albert Vidal i Moreno, Albert Valentí, Felip Solé, Lluís Rodríguez, Forest Márquez, Cristina Sampere ... some recreate sticky landscapes or decorative, impressionistic interior, different hyperrealists. The technology is, undoubtedly, a value added in these collective ones that little contribute to this almost extinct decade, I save for representing the nostalgia of those forefronts that still made believe to the collectors that the painting was slightly more than a futile exhibition in a meeting to the side of a tea-pot. The sample of the Parés has the moral of which the perseverance in the forms has the interior compensation of which you are never wrong. Regards to the coherence.

Albert Vidal and his seven seas
BARCELONA. ( El Periodico ) The sea, sea, has plastic attractions big. And it turns out to be very difficult to do because, though it is very concrete, everything in her leads to the concept. Albert Vidal, who in his pictures had fixed the props of big highways, has dared with the topic and furrows successfully all seven seas of big navigators. Since in the Song of the Pirate, of Espronceda, it can sit down he cheers in the stern of his pictorial ship and to observe the bridges that the man stretches while him mecen his different surges. Sea does not know it, but across the immensity of his waters we interpret our feelings. The different hours of the day they help us and Albert Vidal has could interpret it in his pictures. The topic is only, but there is no monotony. On the contrary, they can happen long time opposite to these works and happen of one to other one without weariness. As the bullfighters who were fighting as only ones swords six bulls, Albert Vidal has done a pictorial task of two ears, tail and leg, without beech mad cows that cost. It has showed his qualities and I recommend the visit.

The realism as excuse.
BARCELONA ( El Preriodico ) Montcada i Reixac organizes every year a national prize of painting that takes the name of the critic and journalist Juan Ramon Masoliver, illustrious neighbor who was of Vallensana's neighborhood and who yielded his important library to the population. The prize consists of exhibitions for the winner and there stops the finalist, as what the award has notable importance for the young painters, Por it every edition turns out to be more crowded and allows to project the work of emergent artists. Finalist in the last edition was Albert Vidal (Barcelona, 1969), that in the last years has added recognitions as notable as the second prize of the contest of painting Agrupació Mutua (1998) and the first prize of Painting Jove of the 'Sala Parés' (1999). His work moves inside the realism and it started being known across the subject matter of the highways and of his props. Later he attended to the presence of the sea and in his last works they are present the sand of the beaches and the wastes that they find in them. It is as if, slowly, it was recognizing the area in which there moves our society of the hurries and of the pollutions, of the attack to the nature by means of the affirmation of the progress and of the adventure without order. Albert Vidal's realism does not limit itself to reproducing what one sees, but after his representations, which have greatly of tactile, it is as a question on what there claims the society in whom we are situated. I do not believe that he has the response, but his painting worries with the questions that it opens with regard to the virtues that should vertebrar the technical progress in which we move. He is a witness, but also, in the end, a conscience.

A prize that it discovers new painters
BARCELONA ( La Vanguardia ) The Premi to the Young Painting that realizes the 'Sala Parés' from 1958 and that in the last editions possesses the sponsorship of the Fundació Banc Sabadell, this year presents works of 21 painters selected by the juror of between the 202 that came to the summons reserved to artists from 18 to 35 years and residents in Spain. In his history, this prize has given to knowing numerous artists who later have had brilliant paths, sometimes abstract painters, as Joaquim Chancho, but more often figurative painters. The level of this year is good enough, though less than it does two, when the prize obtained Marcos Palazzi for a splendid set of pictures of realistic aspect, but conceptual psychodelic. The winners of this year represent three different ways of conceiving the figurative painting. The first prize has obtained it Albert Vidal (Barcelona, 1969), with a series of sea-coasts antirrománticas and turbid, marked by the presence of fragments of port constructions and of shaded elements, as a sign that warns that is prohibited to be bathed. (...)

The art
BARCELONA ( El Periodico ) The merit of the prizes to the young painting of the 'Sala Parés' is triple: witness, generosity and general wisdom. With this one they are 41 editions. There is plurality in the jurors and is not swept for house and, though it is possible to to differ of certain failures, underprivileged person have never remained the authentic values. Always it has been chosen well and more in the last years, in which there are two phases: selection with work and processes; and decisions on a whole of five pictures for author. In this occasion it is 21 aspirants - 15 painters and 6 painters - with the prize and both second prizes granted to the majority sector. This way, the prize Sabadell's Fundació Banc, endowed with a million pesetas, was for Albert Vidal; the first second prize endowed with half a million, for Miquel Macaya; and the second one, with 200.000 pesetas, for Darío Aguilar. (...) I was a member of the juror and I believe that I can count(tell) my personal options, because the prize was given by unanimity. With regard to Albert Vidal (Barcelona, 1969), I valued positively the change of subject matter: of the highways to sea in movement. The first thing was very nice, but it(he,she) was classifying him; the navigation for the seas - very sure and attractive - can take him very far. (...)

Albert Vidal, prize of young painting of the sala Parés.
BARCELONA ( La Vanguardia ) Albert Vidal i Moreno has obtained the first prize endowed with a million pesetas, which the room Parés invokes between the young painters. Miquel Macaia and Darío Aguilar obtained the second one and the put tercer, respectively. The juror was integrated by Joan Anton, Raimon i Marta Maragall, Josep M. Chain, Monserrat Gudiol, Arms Michael, Màrius Samarra, Josep Mas i Junyent and three representatives of the Fundació Banc Sabadell.

With the light of the ideas
BARCELONA ( MediCampus ) An element as daily as the natural light acquires so many beauty of the life even the cloudy days. And the same thing happens to the spectator when it gets lost between the infinite colors of the pictures of them near hundred painters who expose in the Room Pandemonium until June 14, in the IV Prize of Painting Agrupació. Drowned in exagerate tonalities, when not gray, dirty, artificial, 'bowls' or recharged, the look that visits the room finds the genuineness of the beauty in the light that gives life to a few pictures. It is the case of Albert Vidal Moreno's painting - the second prize-, of Rafael Bestard Mas-tercer accessit-, of Pedro Llobera Vives - I conscript accessit - and of Pepe Castellanos Lopez - finalist-, between different few ones. A light that could not escape to the eyes of a sensibility as that of the realist Antonio Lopez, member of prestige of the juror of this IV edition, specially in the designation of the second prize. Albert Vidal moves the Sun of the sky to the interior of the room, just person in front of his picture, in order that the light fills the colors up to the last corner of the wood that hangs of the wall and of other frames and fabrics that are in the way. The picture rewarded by the Agrupació is an anticipation of the individual exhibition that the young painter was presenting at the beginning of year that comes in the room Fortuny and that will centre on the topic of the rounds viarias and the bridges. A profitable option stops to exploit the lights and the shades that promote an aesthetic and innovative realism, a topic according to the pictorial technologies of the modern painting. But it was the light that illuminated the ideas of the painter Vidal or they were his ideas those that made way to the light? Made EI is that the color this been grateful in this union and the picture only produces a final effect of coherence and unit of the different elements inside the image. A unit that also one to the brushstroke, the spot, the line, the composition. .. Everything costs in order that the picture breathes. If " the painting is a bad imitation of the reality but it is the best way of living through her", such and as Albert Vidal says, and this picture is the imitation - limited yes, but bad? - it seems that the painting is a great invention. In any case, to get of head into the life, into place, or to painting more of her, it can be the way of living through the reality but the best, yes more intense. And that the Sun us illuminates always to todoss, specially to the artist, because ... what serious of the painter if the Sun was not walking every day of the year?

A bet for the quality. IV Prize of Painting AGRUPACIÓ
BARCELONA. ( Art Agrupació )

2n I REWARD Albert Vidal Moreno (BARCELONA, 1969) Formed in the Facultat of fine arts of Barcelona, this young artist has exhibited regularly from 1991. It has gained diverse prizes, between them that of Catalunya's autonomous government of Catalonia of the Biennial one of Young Painting Anquin's de Reus. For months he portrays you are about them of Barcelona, in which one has inspired to realize the work for which they have granted to him the second prize Agrupació Mútua. - where he finds the inspiration for its works? " I started by doing landscapes and little by little I have been centring on the urban landscape, which is the mio. He allows me a lot of freedom in the color and it is a little treated topic. " - He goes out to do to the street? " My method is mixed: in winter I am employed more at my study, from photographies, but also I go out providing that I can. " - the picture that he has presented to the contest represents an electric power station, since the idea was born? " I know very well Dalt's round, because I paint her for time, and there same there is FECSA's transformer. An uncle mio, engineer, asked me to paint her, but the result did not convince him). Ultimately I remained the work and presented her. " - Though now the imagination seems to recover followers, the most habitual thing between(among) the had young men just going out of the Faculty is that they choose for new lenguages. You have been praised by the imagination... " Yes, clearly. He allows me to learn many technology to be able to express, later, with more ease. In the Faculty they stimulate you to discover new ways, which is very positive, but I am more comfortable in this figurative style expressionist. " - what artists have taught him? " Antonio Lopez, undoubtedly, and also the American realists, as Richard Estes or Chuck Glose, though these they are more conceptual. "


XXXVII Prize to the Young Painting.
BARCELONA (ABC Cataluña ) XXXVII Prize to the Young Painting: Exhibition of the painters selected for the XXXVII prize to the young painting in the 'Sala Parés'. Between others, Maria Buil Gazol, Darío Aguilar Pastor, Damarís Ceres, Juan Vaquerizo and Albert Vidal. C. Petritxol, 5. 080002 Barcelona. Tf.: 318 70 20. Until September 24.

12 Young Catalan talents 2000
BARCELONA ( Enderrocs ) 12 young Catalan they expose this month his work in Paris, thanks to an initiative of the General Secretariat of Turisme de Catalunya's Joventut. The exhibition, which it will be possible to to see until April 12 in the Maison de la Catalogne, wants to promote the juvenile Catalan creation and to help the young men to enter the artistic circuits. Of between all 144 artists who have exhibited in the 'Sala d'Art Jove' of the Autonomous government of Catalonia during the last five years, 12 artists have been selected to travel to Paris and of every author two works are exposed. It is the first time that these creative young men present his work in the French capital. This one is the second consecutive year that is given the opportunity to expose in one of the places of artistic reference of Europe young men's dozena. For this occasion, there have been selected works of the field of the painting and the sculpture. In the paragraph of painting, the creative select young men are Luis Díaz, M. Jesus Oliva, Michael Olivares, Bea Ortiz, Aïda Sanchez, Montserrat Sarda, Nacho Simal and Albert Vidal. (...) Other one of the initiatives to promote the young Catalan art is the exhibition that will be done in Madrid next month of May. The protagonists of this exhibition seran the young men selected for the catalogue of 25 young artists. The exhibition will be done in he 'Centre d'Art Blanquerna' that Catalunya's autonomous government of Catalonia has in the capital of the State. The sample will receive paintings, sculptures i a sculpture - installación. XXXVII Prize to the Young Painting: Exhibition of the painters selected for the XXXVII prize to the young painting in the Room Parés. Between others, Maria Buil Gazol, Darío Aguilar Pastor, Damarís Ceres, Juan Vaquerizo and Albert Vidal. (...)


He 'Centre d'Art Santa Mónica' he opens a great sample on the realistic painting of the 90.
BARCELONA ( La Vanguardia ) (.... ) In "Exteriors" the new Barcelonian urbanism is reflected, and diverse neighborhoods and populations: from details as a transfer in the Ferrocamls of Marcos Palazzi's autonomous government of Catalonia, to Albert Vidal's rounds, the Pablo Maeso's desolate highways or impressive and unreal panoramic of the Sacred Família of the North American Richard Estes. (....)


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